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Sea Routes

Enjoy the beauty of our island and your swim in beautiful beaches of Milos! Discover all the magic landscapes with their special colors which made Milos unique, following the sea routes that we propose you. The boats normally depart from Adamas port everyday at 9.30 am and they get back at around 7.00 pm. Depending on the weather, the boats might also depart from Pollonia or Palaiochori. The tours include stops on the highlight beaches and places of Milos. Between the stops you will enjoy full meals: Breakfast, Lunch (buffee with 10 different local traditional dishes and salads), sweets, coffees, beers, refreshments etc. During the stops, you can swim as much as you'd like and there is also snorkeling equipment. There is also a tour guide, who will let you know all about the history of the places you'll see.